What is the cost for an evaluation?

The cost of a neuropsychological evaluation is based on an hourly charge. Charges cover both time spent working face-to-face with the patient, as well as time devoted to interpretation and report preparation. The time required for evaluations is based on several factors including the age of the patient being evaluated, as well as the referral questions asked by the referring physician.

Does my health care insurance pay for the evaluation?

Depending on the referral question and the patient's medical history, your medical insurance may provide partial or full coverage of you or your child's neuropsychological evaluation.

Both Dr. Richard Fuller and Dr. Kristi Fuller accept most insurance plans (including Denali Kid Care, Medicaid and Tricare) and are listed as preferred providers for many private health insurance carriers.

We also accept fee-for-service payment (credit card payment accepted), for those who do not wish to use their insurance policy or when insurance will not pay for the evaluation. 

For questions about billing and scheduling of appointments, please contact Brenda Lester at (907)258-8510 or email us at info@fulleralaska.com or directly from our contact page.