Maureen Young is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who earned her MSW degree at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Maureen focused her undergraduate work in Criminal Justice and Psychology. Mrs. Young chose to complete her graduate schooling in Anchorage due to a strong desire to provide excellent care for adolescents and families in the community in which she was raised.

As the clinical therapist of an adolescent unit, Maureen has lengthy experience working with the high acuity needs of children and families in long-term residential treatment. In that role, Maureen has helped children and families face a wide range of issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma responses, FASD, sexualized behaviors, bipolar disorder, substance abuse, gender/sexual identity issues, family conflict, blended family issues, eating disorders, conduct disorder, anger and aggression. Maureen has particular expertise in the treatment of adolescents struggling with bipolar disorder, anxiety issues and those experiencing symptoms associated with FASD. Mrs. Young also brings a decade of figure skating coaching experience to her practice. As a coach Maureen has demonstrated a long history of helping children overcome challenges and realize their athletic potential.

Maureen utilizes psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral and strengths-based approaches to treatment and particularly enjoys helping struggling adolescents take steps towards successful adulthood.


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